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HHO Generators - Essentials

HHO Generator – how it works?


HHO is Hydrogen – Hydrogen – Oxygen.

How does this system works?
Through simple electrolysis. Electrolysis is a process which splits water into its’ basic elements – Hydrogen and Oxygen. Hydrogen can then be used in gas form to produce clean energy.


HHO generator can be implemented into any internal combustion engine

This kit assist combustion and reduce fuel consumption.
It has been widely used throughout U.S. and Europe for tractor and heavy machine engines since the mid 60’s and was also used at the end of World War II to reduce fuel consumption during the shortages of conventional fuel  and also improve engine durability and increase power output.

hho generators engine

At the end of the 20th century more and more people started implementing it in their cars which allowed them to increase their mileage, save money and gasoline, reduce car emission drastically and best of all – it was environmentally friendly.
Today, about 30.000 Americans installs the HHO generator each year and in many Europe countries the HHO system is commonly used.

HHO generator creates a HYBRID car

Hybrid car is environmentally friendly and more economic then the standard internal combustion engine powered car. It reduces air pollution, decreases fuel consumption, generate more power by assisting the combustion process in the engine, keeps the engine clean and smooth running and the only “hazardous” byproduct is water, not like the standard gasoline engine which produces vast amounts of carbon monoxide, a highly toxic gas which is extremely bad for our health, not to mention carbon dioxide which is one of the main elements of the Green House effect and Global Warming problems we are facing today.

If only a 10% of nationwide cars were powered by HHO, regulated air pollutants would be cut by over a million tons per year and over 50 million tons of carbon dioxide would be eliminated.

This system runs purely on water, a renewable source, and the emissions are nothing but water vapor.

HHO Hybrid car green

Lies and truth about HHO generators

Many people are baffled by a common myth about HHO generators which states that more energy is needed for splitting water molecules than the system can produce. This is only a myth. The system is designed to output maximum energy with minimal input.

The input energy is provided by the car battery in a form of electric current which powers the electrolysis process in the generator. An electrolyte is added usually in form of baking soda to produce HHO. The power of the electric current ranges from 1.5V to 2V. HHO gas is then sucked out by the air intake valve and added to the combustion chamber of the engine. During the combustion, HHO turns back to water which keeps the engine temperature normal. This also protects the engine from unnecessary heat and prolongs engine life. Water is then converted to super heated steam which flows through the exhaust pipe and cool down until it turns back into water and exit the pipe. During exhaust process water vapor also mixes with gasoline exhaust gases, that way reducing their unwanted environmental effects. This process also improves the fuel efficiency of the car.

HHO kit can easily be built at home

With just some basic materials anyone can built it and it doesn’t take away much time but the results are stunning.

HHO Generator kit

You can either chose to buy an HHO system and get a mechanic to install it for you in your car or you can chose to save some money and build one yourself, install it on your own or get a mechanic to help you. There are detailed plans and installation guides that you can get on the Internet that are far less expensive than manufactured kits and best of all you can build more than one HHO generator this way.

HHO Benefits

Benefits of this system are obvious and every day many people around the world turn to this technology for their own and the welfare of the entire planet. You can have a HYBRID car in your garage that doesn’t have to cost much, you can save more on gasoline and engine maintenance and in the same time be environmentally friendly.

And the best thing it is entirely free, all you need is an HHO generator and water as fuel and you can start creating Green energy that benefits us all.